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Where the dynamics of growth,

culture, and risk intersect.

Businesses face significant risks everyday, with every single decision they make. Yet traditional insurance and risk management solutions address only a small part of the risk a business takes on in its quest to be successful.

Risk Assessments

Achieve better insights into the operational risks of your organization with quantifiable, actionable evaluations.

Operational Project Planning

Enable operational and strategic project success through a better understanding of uncertainty.

Risk-Based Strategic Planning

Integrate risk analysis into strategic planning to lower the cost of risk and improve the accuracy of financial projections.

Fractional Chief Risk Officer

Implement strategic risk management techniques to support and reinforce organizational vision, values, and culture.

Risk Modeling and Analytics

Leverage data analytics tools to establish an objective framework to drive better decision making.

Succession Planning

Institutionalize risk culture and processes to facilitate successful generational and ownership perpetutation. 

People Process Technology

Kraus-Anderson Risk Innovation can help you thrive in today’s uncertain business environment by accepting risk within a zone that’s acceptable for your organization. We have developed innovative solutions that can help you understand the scope of operational risks in order to prioritize opportunities critical to maximizing growth, profit potential, and operational efficiencies.

Surveys | Interviews | Policy Reviews | Procedure Reviews

Controls | Execution | Frequency/Probability | Severity

Financial Risk Modeling | Project Estimate Simulations | Risk Tolerance Determination

Optimization Simulation | Financial Impact Mitigation | Risk Transfer | Risk Management

Audits & Data Set | Scorecards | Policy Reviews

Informed Risk-Based Decision Making | Iteration | Change Management

Understand Uncertainty

Gain better perspective on the risks inherent in operational and strategic objectives.

Risk Simulation & Modeling

Determine Risk Tolerance

Optimize limited financial resources through the consistent application of risk-based criteria.

Identify Highest Impact Strategies

Maximize the results of risk mitigation strategies for a an entire organization or a given project.

Leverage Data to Drive Better Decisions

Utilize historic data to better predict future outcomes and improve operational efficiency and profitability.

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