A chance encounter with a table of free donuts started Scott Anderson down an actuarial career path unknown to him at the time.  Since then, Scott has become one of the best at explaining why your claim history may not really be your claim history and how insurance companies use claim history to predict the financial future.  Do you wonder why your insurance rates increase while your historical claims seem so low?  Did you know that the profitability of your insurance company may be lower than that of your own business?  Can you improve your financial planning with a good understanding of the tools that insurance companies use to predict what your claims are likely to be in future years?  Scott spent the first part of his career in senior actuarial roles with several insurance companies, helping to evaluate history and predict future claim activity.  More recently he leads Actuarial Advisors, Inc., a successful actuarial consulting company that assists many businesses to better understand their own loss experience and plan for the financial impacts.  Join us this month as we demystify the world of claim history, rate making, and insurance finance.