The only thing worth counting on in business is that everything will eventually change.

As the regulatory and compliance landscape for employee health and welfare programs changes, employers are presented with more challenges and uncertainty than ever before.

Instead of standing on the sidelines, Kraus-Anderson Insurance believes great opportunity lies where others are fearful. We continue to invest in developing and nurturing intellectual capital around employee benefits to provide our clients with the knowledge and resources they need to continue to attract and retain outstanding talent.

Through our unique and collaborative approach, we stand committed to providing employers with uncommon insight into an evolving marketplace and the tools and services that reinforce the notion that healthy and productive employees are truly a company’s greatest asset.

Program Structure & Design

The standard Employee Benefit programs available to employers in the past are rapidly being replaced with more innovative product structures.  Many employers are surprised to discover that the range of Employee Benefit program structures available to them is wider than they had realized. Self-funding and captives are no longer reserved for only the largest and most sophisticated employers. By performing a careful examination of the various program structures and designs, we are often able to help capture significant cost savings over traditional benefits packages.

Affordable Care Act (ACA) Navigation

There are few pieces of legislation in history that have had such a broad and direct impact on businesses and their employees. When the only clear answer is, “there are no clear answers,” employers depend on good judgment and unique insight when making important benefits decisions. With on-staff Affordable Care Act Specialists (ACAS) dedicated to ongoing professional development, we are able to assist in compliance risk assessment and program design aimed at mitigating the impact of this powerful legislation.

Program Engagement Insight

When employees’ voices are heard, management can better address the issues that matter most. Would your employees be part of the 40% that would definitely recommend their company as a great place to work? By helping employers determine their unique value proposition and then solicit feedback in a manner that yields actionable results, we are able to improve program development, employee retention, and attraction.

Healthcare Cost Analysis

CFOs and Controllers routinely cite the rising cost of healthcare as their number-one concern. Soaring health costs are putting a tremendous deal of pressure on traditional employer-sponsored health benefits.  According to CIGNA, average health costs per employee is expected to rise from $7,800 in 2014 to more than $13,000 by 2018. Our first goal is to help put an organization’s costs into a market perspective and then go to work implementing systems for controlling them.

Wellness Guidance & Customization

When wellness becomes cultural, businesses are able to capture real results. Most organizations understand that wellness programs can help retain healthy and productive employees, but many struggle to demonstrate a tangible return on investment. Our belief is that wellness is not a one-size-fits-all proposition and in order to implement and maintain a successful wellness program, it must be a customized reflection of the organization it is intended to benefit.

Employee Advocacy

Navigating employees through an array of health care options while maintaining confidentiality requires a knowledgeable and accessible advocate.  The breadth and complexity of health information and care options available to employees can be overwhelming without guidance. With sound advice, care and cost at the forefront, we are able to offer helpful, friendly guidance while keeping confidentiality and HIPAA compliance a top priority.