For years, homeowners and personal automobile insurance has been an afterthought for most owners of homes and vehicles. The policies reviewed annually without much fanfare or thought. It seems that all of a sudden we have had a seismic shift in awareness and challenges. 2023 saw the largest number of billion dollar claim events and these were concentrated not only on the coasts but also in the interior of the country. They ranged from flood, wind, fire, hail, and tornado activity. This has resulted in significant profitability challenges for personal lines insurance carriers and changes in what is available in the market and what is expected of insurance purchasers. The carriers all assume they will continue to be on the front line of these increased natural disasters and don’t see a likelihood of a slow down in this activity in the coming years. Matt Akin, leader of the personal lines business at Kraus-Anderson Insurance Agency joins us this month to shed some light on the current challenges and some possible solutions.