Companies that learn how to anticipate a crisis can turn that event into a positive business experience and those that are unprepared may never recover.  Evaluating and imagining low frequency/high severity risks that could materialize in a five-to-ten-year horizon allows for planning and the ability to practice various scenarios.  Crisis management through risk governance processes will add uncalculatable value to any business, large or small.  Hart Brown, the CEO of Future Point of View, joins us this month to dive into the benefits of pre-planning for a crisis and the steps required.  Hart has managed countless assessments, developed response plans, and led businesses through some of the most complex crises.  The list of potential risks continues to grow.  Are you ready for a fire, flood, shooting, cyber incident, reputational attack, or the next pandemic?  Have you considered the pending downfall of electronic encryption or the impact of an international socio-political shift?  Join us as we learn about ways to plan for those infrequent, unexpected, and severe risk events.